Wood Duck 10
Eastport Pram
Building PocketShip

Building PocketShip...

The first step was to decide to build the PocketShip. One option was to order the CNC cut kit which would have been very nice. I opted to get the plans and do my own cutting. Much will be needed to be done before I make the first sawdust! I have most of the tools, but a few more will be needed. I'll be doing some "stitch and glue" practice on another small boat before launching this project.

bulletPocketShip plans ordered July 6 2009
bulletEastport Pram and Wood Duck 10 plans also ordered...
bulletPurchased Bosch 5" random orbital sander
bulletOrdered 750 sanding discs... 60, 80 and 120 grit
bulletOrdered a pair of "safety wire" pliers.
bulletPicked up a router (needed) and a thickness planer (luxury) on July 18 2009

Scroll down for a profile of the PocketShip and a picture of it with an Eastport Pram in tow.

PocketShip with Spinnaker flying.
A lot is squeezed into a small boat. There is a good sized cockpit, and room for two to sleep below. With a shallow draft, it can go many places where a larger boat cannot. Roller reefing on the jib and two reef points on the gaff-rigged main should let it keep sailing when the wind picks up.

There is a PocketShip builders forum at www.pocketship.net

PocketShip with Eastport Pram
Even though PocketShip can be sailed up to the beach, there are times when a dinghy will be handy. Amazingly, the Eastport Pram more than half the LOD (length on deck - not counting the bowsprit) of the PocketShip.